Egmond for Children

Egmond is also a perfect starting point for a family holiday with children. In the very wide area there are countless attractions where children can enjoy themselves, even if the weather seems not to be what we like. In the "silver coast" booklet that you will find in our bungalows you will find extensive information about fun trips for children of all ages.


"Minigolf":, a "Puppet Theater": and playground "de Batavier": Schoorl: "The climbing dune":, "the gnome path" in the Schoorl dunes:


"Hoornse vaart" swimming pool:, Klimparadijs and "outdoor park": Geestmerambacht Speelpark de Swaan:


Artis Amsterdam The ideal day out for the whole family! Visit the oldest and most famous zoo in the Netherlands, combined with an hour-long cruise. The Artis Express sails you from Amsterdam Central Station to the Artis Zoo within 20 minutes. On the way back to the Central Station you can enjoy a 35-minute cruise through Amsterdam. Info and


Self-delicious fruit picking in "the picking garden": Tuitjenhorn: The beautifully manicured animal park "Blanckendaell":, or the play paradise "the hollow convex tree" with swimming pool "the hollow convex splash":


Indoor play paradise "Ballorig":


Beautiful butterflies see in the "Vlindorado":

Sint Maartenszee:

Beautiful garden with the history of the tulip see at "Fluwel's Tulpenland": and swimming and play inside and outside in "de Goudvis":


Large swimming pool in the shape of a pyramid in "Zwembad Ooghduyne": Anna Paulowna: Zoo "Landgoed Hoenderdaell" a beautiful large animal-friendly animal park:

Den Helder:

View the old naval dockyard "Willemsoord" old ships and a rescue museum: or or Also check out the old "Fort Kijkduin" that Napoleon has left with its sea aquarium: or visit the climbing valley near the dark dunes, climbing between the trees:


Various exhibitions about nature can be found at Visitor center "De Hoep": hoep


In Enkhuizen lies fairy tale wonderland. Children from 3 years old can enjoy themselves here all day long with a petting zoo. How the Netherlands looked 100 years ago can be seen in the "Zuiderzee museum":


At "Snowplanet" in Velsen you can ski covered in a large hall. 2 indoor pistes with a steep slope of 230 meters and a nice restaurant.