Leisure and Recreation

When you come to Egmond aan Zee you never have to get bored! Whether you come for a relaxing beach holiday or an active or sportive holiday. Egmond aan Zee and surroundings offer many opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves with his favourite activities, especially for a family vacation with children, Egmond  and nearby area has many attractions that we like to present in more detail.

Wellness by the Sea

Wellness by the Sea stands for body and mind and focus on total relaxation through massage, coaching and training. Wellness at Sea since 2010 at three locations in Bergen, Egmond aan Zee (next to our super holiday house) and Schoorl and also recently in Castricum. Info about the spa facilities: www.schenkenbijleveld.nl.  Zuiderduin hotel boasts an exclusive spa, which also can be visited by non-hotel guests. A reservation is required. Info: www.wellnesscenterzuiderduin.nl

Recreation on the water

All hands on deck! A fresh wind in your hair and the waves under your feet’s is an awesome experience. Between Sea and IJsselmeer Egmond aan Zee and the North Holland region has many possibilities for one day to spend on the water. Whether it's a cruise through the canals of Alkmaar or Amsterdam or a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer, or step into an electric boat and see the land from the water. You can also canoe on his own muscle power to detect wetlands. From Egmond aan Zee are many opportunities for your favourite water sports.

Holidays with dog
Your dog is obviously (by agreement) a welcome guest in our accommodation. Egmond aanZee offers numerous opportunities for a special holiday with your  dog. Walk with your faithful friend home along the endless beaches or hiking trails through the dune reserve in and around Egmond. Great outdoor activities!

Water World Hoornse Vaart
Water World Hoornse Vaart these swimming and sports facility is the largest in North Holland and one of the 10 largest swimming centre in the Netherlands!
Besides the large pool the Hoornse Vaart is an unique swimming experience, especially for children: The biggest water park in North Holland is only a few  minutes drive from Egmond aanZee. You find a large outdoor pool, a wave pool, a water playground for toddlers , instruction pool, sunbathing area with play equipment, slides, hot tubs, spa, free parking, a restaurant and many comfortable places to relax. Besides the water park there the Outdoor Park  Hoornse Vaart! Here it is: climbing, hanging, creep and crawl on all levels. The outdoor park adjacent to the sports Hoorn canal, which has many sports facilities. The park consists of climbing, a 20 meter high climbing wall, zip  lines, two of 120 meters long and 16 to 11 feet high, a further free fall and climb four levels. The higher you climb, the harder it becomes. Climbers can climb up to level 2 and 3 and guided to the fourth level.  Info: www.hoornsevaart.nl

Hippo's De Beeck
Also just 10 minutes away you can found in Bergen Hippo's De Beeck. A swimming and sports center that offers various possibilities for active recreation. The competition pool is 25 x 12.5 meters and has a moveable floor. The max depth is 2.00 meters. The water temperature is 28.5 degrees  Celsius. The  complex has a size of 20 x 15 meters. Here you will find integrated water features, fountains, whirlpools, jet stream and a shallow pool baby-proof. Info:www.hippos-debeeck.nl.

Artis Amsterdam
The ideal day out for the whole family! Visit the oldest and most famous zoo in the Netherlands with an one hour cruise, “The Artis Express”. You only pay € 22.50 for adults (instead of € 30.50) and € 18.00 for children (instead of € 21.50), including your admission ticket to the zoo zoo! If you book online you save another 10%.  The Artis Express run on a regular schedule and takes you in 20 minutes from Central Station in Amsterdam to the Artis Zoo. On the way to the Central Station  you can enjoy a 35 minute round  trip through Amsterdam. Departure every hour. First departure: 10.00 hrs last departure: 14.00 hrs. Info www.lovers.nl or www.artis.nl. Also fun or maybe even more fun from IJmuiden to Amsterdam or vice versa is the fast flying by hydrofoil ferries on the North Sea Canal to the Amsterdam Central Station. The journey takes just under half hours. The boat  leaves from the Pontplein in Velsen Zuid. You can park your car there for free on the P + R site. The timetable is of Connexion. Details at: www.connexxion.nl

Hoenderdaell estate
Visit the estate Hoenderdael and discover a beautiful nature reserve on the outskirts of “de kleine Sluis” . The route takes you from the Lower Old Ferry  to van Ewijcksvaart near van Ewijcksluis. Along the way you are greeted by colourful pheasants and the exuberantly growing rowan. Stop at the floating  crocodiles and let the flamingos makes you feel happy! Hoenderdaell  estate offers you a warm welcome! Info on www.landgoedhoenderdaell.nl

Sea Aquarium Bergen
By a total of 44 aquariums the Sea Aquariums Bergen are roughly divided into  four zones. It has to do with the habitat of the inhabitants.

The cold zone: This includes aquariums with fish from the North Sea and the northern cold seas.
The temperate zone: You hear the sea creatures from the Mediterranean Sea  and Atlantic Ocean Home
The tropical zone: The sea creatures from the seas like warmer water and are found in tropical seas.
Amazon: This zone is distinguished from other areas because it is not really a sea but a river is concerned.
The tanks count thousands of residents divided into more than 230 species We must think of different life forms: for example, cuttlefish,  lobsters,  crabs,  herring, rays, sharks, piranhas, sea anemones, as well as protozoa, plankton and krill as food for other fish serve. Info:www.zeeaquarium.nl

Animal Farm Beverwijk
Animal Farm is no ordinary kids zoo! Besides the goats, sheep’s, rabbits, guinea pigs and other common farm animals there are different tropical animals such as  crocodiles, racoons, iguanas, turtles, a porcupine, and various birds. At the petting barn is a nibble with two types of food. Here you can get food  for  0.50 a bowl.

Fort Kijkduin Den Helder
The greatest fortress of the Netherlands! You will find many different activities  for kids of all ages. Old Dutch games, rifle and archery, museum, aquarium and restaurants. Info:www.fortkijkduin.nl

Artis Class Haarlem
Artis Foundation Class is in Haarlem Haarlem-Noord, is the smallest official zoo in the Netherlands. The foundation has four houses and a point outside area with a  number of stays. In two of the houses different animals are housed, they are housed there  include different types of reptiles and mammals. The third house has the one and only diorama of Haarlem with eight biotopes and its associated habitats (stuffed) animals. There are also animals in formaldehyde, a collection of skulls, shells, etc.  Info: www.artisklas-haarlem.nl

Van Blanckendaell Park Tuitjenhorn
Come to the uniqueness of Blanckendaell Park Tuitjenhorn and discover how  animals from every continent cozy living together. If you follow Arie the Ara you'll learn all about the “Animal” party of Blanckendaell. Besides many animals in the zoo, the park also contains a museum with historic farm,  a playground, a nice cafeteria and several terraces. Info: www.blanckendaellpark.nl

The playground Batavier Alkmaar
This play park is a cozy park where all children can fully play, climb and romp. No long queues for the rides. Tired of playing? Then enjoy a drink on the sunny  terrace or in the cozy restaurant. Also on appetite in mind. And then equipped  to begin a round of miniature golf. In short, the Batavier is a great place where young and old can enjoy together wonderfully. Info:www.debatavier.nl

Kids paradise “Ballorig” Heerhugowaard
Ballorig is an indoor playground for children from 0-12 years. You can climb, climbing, sliding, jumping, playing in the ball pit and much much more ... For the youngest children till 4 years there is a separate playroom. And ... a good dance you can do with our calico Ch@t. Frequently, he passed, you should give him a hand or a hug. Ch@t likes to be photographed with the children by their parents. Rain or shine, it is always Ballorig time! Info: www.ballorig.nl

puppet theatre Bergen
Ms. Shields is the stage name of Carola Jonker. For 15 years she plays every Wednesday afternoon and Sunday one show with Miss Jones. On Sunday,  Michelle helps her a lot and the mice Willie and Bennie are regulated by the party. More Info www.poppentheaterbergen.com

Gnomes path in the Schoorl Dunes
Along the gnomes path in dunes of Schoorl there are all Gnomes. They have all kinds of assignments for you. What you need to get those commands, is in the backpack you inherits. And you get the go a real leprechaun hat on loan. A fun  treasure hunt through woods and dunes, where you can sing, feel, smell,  look  and much more!
Starting from November-February to Tues / Sat from 11-14.30 pm,  and from  May-October on Tues / Sat from 10 to 15 hours. Note: not on Sundays and  public holidays. Duration: about 1.5 hours. Cost: € 1.75 per child, assignment  booklet (one per group) € 2,locking backpack and gnome hats € 10.  Info:  www.staatsbosbheer.nl/schoorl

Fairytale Wonderland Enkhuizen
A real fairy forest, goblin village, a castle, a period house and a petting zoo, a  playground and ornamental, and many attractions. It is located in the fairytale wonderland in Enkhuizen. Info:www.sprookjeswonderland.nl

GPS Expedition by Egmond
The activities of the Coffee Mill GPS Expedition is organized by the  Restaurant  Bikkerij, then the participants will walk with the GPS by the North Holland Dune Reserve. At the end the participants finish by the Castle canal from the Duke “Count of Egmond” where he had his castle around the year of 1700. The GPS sends the participants 'waypoint' to 'waypoint'  that are digitally entered  into the GPS receiver checkpoints along the route that form. They go from 1 to 2, to 3 etc.
Kids GPS Adventure Quest. This GPS tour begins with an exciting story about the  Smith family. Then the children set off, but first they must make an order to finally get the backpack they need in the dunes. Through the questions they need to move the children to determine how they walk. Along the way they likely to encounter wildlife. During the quest that they take the GPS looking for the "treasure of the Smith family." At the end the children finish on the beach and get their reward. Info: www.schenkenbijleveld.nl

Since 2011 Egmond aan Zee has its own bowling again! In hotel “Zuiderduin” you find 8 bowling alleys including a spectacular light show and illuminated dance floor in the "Lucky Strike" bowling. One of the most sensational bowling alleys in Europe!  Bowling Heiloo is also perfect for a bowling night, for a family or children's party. You can enjoy with family or friends while enjoying a snack and a drink. Address: 1851 ND Heiloo Info: www.bowlingheiloo.nl. Also recommendable is a visit at Bob's Party Saloon a bowling in 3D computer animation. At the weekend, there is bowling with disco lights and smoke effects. Address: 1911 JA Uitgeest. Info: www.bobs.nl. For a quiet evening with food and exercise, you can contact  Bowling Schagen. Address: 1741 BB Schagen Info: www.bowlingschagen.nl

Midget Golf “Merelhof” in Bergen
In the center of the northern Dutch village of Bergen, about one hundred and fifty meters from the Ruined Church, is the oldest miniature golf course in the Netherlands. The Bergen course is one of the last jobs in the Netherlands that still played on clay.  Not the coarse grain used on tennis courts, but a finer grain and a smooth solid surface indicates where the ball rolls on.  Info:midgetgolfbergen.nl.  But also Egmond aan Zee has a mini golf at Restaurant "Natuurlijk" on the Wiardi Beckmanlaan.

Fun Centre Kart World Limmen Fun
That’s what the name says! at Kart World Limmen Fun Center it will be fun and for the (de-) stress. Already at the entry into the Formula bar, you can experience the atmosphere. Started as an indoor carting track this centre now has developed into a spectacular Fun Centre. The perfect indoor venue for parties but also individuals are always more than welcome! There's a range of activities for young and old, go-carting, laser games, sumo wrestling, rodeo bull, human table football, archery, clay pigeon shooting digitally, pillow fight, boxing xxl, gladiatorial combat, space ball, Slot racing and much more. All this under one roof. 
On various dates, the Extreme Fun Nights will get organized, super-friendly all-in evenings after party in the Saloon. For smaller visitors, the Kids Blitz package for every third Wednesday of the month in which a children's party! Info: www.kartworld.nl 

Curling in Schoorl
Relaxing curling in the dunes of Schoorl. In addition, as a group, walk a set route beautiful in nature. With as few throws as possible (shots), go with wooden balls (balls) the approximately 2 km long curling alley test. Of course with all the necessary materials and with expert and friendly guidance. You get to go as a mini bar decorated prams, richly filled with drinks and snacks. A cheerful and sporting activities for groups between 10 and 150 persons Info: www.schoorlseklootschieters.nl 

In Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Castricum and Bergen are several cinemas. If required we will inform you during your stay about the latest programs. 

Tours and cruises
In the immediate vicinity of Egmond are several options for tours and cruises. There are covered wagon rides and boat trips in the Alkmaar canals. A tour on an authentic "flash" Solex is possible. If required we will inform you during your stay happy.

Here you find a number of sports in and around Egmond aan Zee