Active in Egmond aan Zee

Stay fit, even on vacation! At the open air courts of Egmond aan Zee you can play your games of tennis, with your bicycle ot atb you can relax and enjoy the surroundings of the North Holland dune reserve, here you can also move through invigorating hiking or Nordic walking. Even on horseback you can enjoy the beach and dunes and ... there are in our immediate vicinity up to 243 holes over 27 courses available to a lovely game of golf! So you'll enjoy your favourite activity during the most of the fresh sea air as there are plenty of opportunities for active and sporty holiday near Egmond aan Zee. On this page we inform you in advance further.

Cycling in Egmond aan Zee

What could be better than an adventurous bike ride through the dunes between Castricum and Schoorl. The North Holland landscape is incredibly versatile and always fun to explore by bicycle. In managing the dunes PWN moves increasingly called large herbivores in. These are animals like sheep, goats, Exmoor ponies, Shetland ponies, Highland cattle and Konik horses. They ensure that grass and shrubs to have no chance to overrun the dune. The cycle network is very comfortable and many offer a versatile route nodes. We recommend using the cycling map of Amsterdam to Den Helder in the tourists office to buy. Wherever you are, you can easily see by the numbers of nodes. Depending on your condition, there are longer and shorter routes for cycling.

13 * Agu Egmond-Pier-Egmond beach ATB Race

On Saturday, January 7, 2012 The 14th AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond site. This mountain bike race is the largest and most prestigious ATB Beach Road in the Benelux. Among the hundreds of holidaymakers every year there are many mountain bike and road racers from top name. The trail is 36 km long and covers the North Sea beaches, with the start (11.00 hours) and finish on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee. Any reasonably skilled rider can accomplish this winter classic. Info:

Experience the thrill and fun of mountain biking! Schoorl is a known route where the annual national and international competitions. There are clinics for advanced and novice mountain biker. Clinics for hire and check the website

Walking in Egmond aan Zee

And what could be better than an adventurous walk through the dunes between Castricum and Schoorl. Nowhere else you will find a hiking paradise with varied coastal landscape consists of deciduous and coniferous woodland, heath land, sand dunes covered with mar ram grass. For (Nordic) walking is a versatile network of trails near Egmond aan Zee. Try the "North-Holland Pad", a very special journey of 270 km, passing through the varied landscape, especially through the heart of North Holland in Europe known for its uniqueness. Info:

In the weekend of 21 and 22 January 2012 the 9th Egmond Walking Marathon will take place. Start and finish in Egmond aan Zee. Different routes for walkers and Nordic walkers. A maximum of 13,000 people can participate and enjoy a fantastic weekend walking in the most scenic areas of the Netherlands. Info:

From Wednesday, June 14 through Saturday, June 17, 2012 the sixth "Plus Walking 4-days" of Alkmaar finds place! A must for the serious hiker. A big party with about 7,500 sports fans walk around Alkmaar. Four days hiking in North Holland with different routes through villages, beaches, dunes, meadows and on Saturday a great final in the centre of Alkmaar. Info:

Golf in Egmond aan Zee

With 66 holes in seven courses Spaarnwoude is the largest public golf course in Europe! This golf course is only 35 km and less than half an hour's drive from Egmond, our accommodations are therefore a perfect base for a great golfing holiday. At the public Golf course of Spaarnwoude, everyone can benefit from the playing surface. Around 350,000 people annually visit the golf course and there are approximately 175,000 rounds played a year. This course is the domain of both experienced and novice golfers. Experienced golfers will enjoy the 27 holes courses whom has the A-state of the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF). Especially for novice golfers, there are twelve-hole pitch and putt greens. The 9-hole par-3 course (the F-lane) is excellent for beginning golfers. Info:

But surprise you further ... in the immediate vicinity of Egmond aan Zee, you have no less than 243 holes with a choice of 27 golf courses! No other region has so much choice for your favourite sport. So .... forgotten your Golfset? No problem. At barely 10 minutes there is a "Jumbo Golf World" at the Kennemerstraatweg 524-526, 1851 NH Heiloo. Here you will find everything about your favourite sport and you can simply rent for a small fee a complete golf set! See also If required we will be pleased to inform you further during your stay.

Tennis in Egmond aan Zee

Just behind the North Boulevard in Egmond aan Zee you can find the outdoor tennis park  "The Duinpan"! A park with 5 clay courts. Management of this park is Tennis Club Egmond aan Zee. The courts are opened from 1 April to 1 October and also available for tourists in Egmond aan Zee. Info::

TC Hogendijk is the largest sports club in Egmond with over 550 members and 32 years young! The 8 lit "French Courts” are easy to reach at Hoogendijk 6 in Egmond Binnen.

This park is open all year. Info: At the Herenweg 273 B in Egmond aan den Hoef is Wimmenum tennis. Info on With three indoor tennis courts, the tennis center in Bergen “Hippo de Beeck” is also very well equipped. The courses are also open year round. In Heiloo and Alkmaar there are also several indoor and outdoor parks. If wanted we will inform you further.

Horse Riding in Egmond aan Zee

Several manages do have the opportunity for a tour through the beautiful surroundings of Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl. Riding for beginners (step), and advanced. The rides are supervised by the staff of the management. If you do not have a cap, you can borrow. A drive through woods and dunes, is suitable for experienced riders whom has a good gallop control. It is driven in groups from four to ten people. In case of more candidates, the group, depending on experience and needs will be further classified. Each group runs along at least one supervisor, responsible for the safety and use of horses. The ride takes at least two hours. Driving on the beach through the woods and the dunes is here a normal thing and gives just another lovely feeling of this beautiful location. To participate in the beach driving, you must have an intense driving experience. Furthermore, the same conditions as a ride through the woods. The ride takes at least two hours. Day trips through the beautiful woods and dunes, possibly combined with a beach trip are possible. For experienced riders with enough beach experience is the "full moon ride" a great experience. In the moonlight you drive through the woods and dunes to the beach. This  is an experience that must not to be missed. If you want to take your own horse or pony during your holiday, you can also rent a horsebox. However, this must be reserved in advance. Info: Heiloo: or Schoorl Info:

Surfing in Egmond aan Zee

Excellent wind conditions on the beach of Egmond aan Zee attracts every year many surf athletes. Even as a beginner you can start in Egmond aan Zee. Especially Kite boarding takes an increasing flight. Even watching it already gives a great kick! But would you try it yourself or you're already a Topper? Have a look at for a "kick with the wind" experience.

Fishing in Egmond aan Zee

In Egmond aan Zee and surroundings are also many opportunities for fishing. And what about fish in the surf? Licensing and information you can find at the VVV tourist office of  Egmond aan Zee. For fun facts about the sport fishing association in Egmond aan Zee, you can visit