Leisure and relaxation

Whoever comes to Egmond will never get bored !. Whether you come for a relaxed beach holiday, or an active or recreational holiday. Egmond offers many opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves with his favorite activities Especially for a family vacation with children, Egmond and nearby has many attractions that we would like to present in more detail.

Recreation on the water

All hands on deck! A fresh wind through the hair and the wave play under the feet is a great experience. Between North Sea and IJsselmeer, Egmond and the North Holland region have many opportunities to spend a day on or near the water. Whether it's a round trip through the canals of Alkmaar or Amsterdam or a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer, or step into a whisper boat and view the land from the water. You can also discover the water area by canoe on your own muscle strength. From Egmond Sea there are many possibilities to practice your beloved water sports.

Holiday with dog

Your four-legged friend is of course (in consultation) a welcome guest in our bungalows. Egmond offers numerous possibilities for a special holiday with your dog. Walk with your loyal family friend along the endless beaches or hiking trails through the dune reserve in and around Egmond. We do not want to take away a nice holiday with a dog!

Water world Hoornse Vaart

this swimming and sports accommodation is the largest of North Holland and is one of the 10 largest accommodations in the Netherlands! In addition to the large swimming pool, the Hoornse Vaart is a unique swimming experience, especially for children: The water park is only a few minutes drive from Egmond aan Zee. You will find a large outdoor pool, a wave pool, a water playground for toddlers, instruction pool, sunbathing area with playground equipment, water slides, whirlpools, spa, free parking, a restaurant and many comfortable places to relax. Besides the swimming paradise you will also find it.

Outdoor Park Hoornse Vaart!

Here it is: climbing, hanging, sneaking and crawling at all levels. The Outdoor park is adjacent to the sports complex Hoornse Vaart, which has many sports facilities. The climbing park consists of a 20 meter high climbing wall, two zip lines of 120 meters length and 16 to 11 meters high, a free fall and further four climbing levels. The higher you climb, the harder it gets. Climbers can climb to level 2 and 3 and under supervision to the 4th level. Info hornsevaart.nl and outdoorparkhoornsevaart.nl

Artis Amsterdam

The ideal day out for the whole family! Visit the oldest and most famous zoo in the Netherlands, combined with an hour-long cruise. The Artis Express sails you from Amsterdam Central Station to the Artis Zoo within 20 minutes. On the way back to the Central Station you can enjoy a 35-minute cruise through Amsterdam. Info lovers.nl and artis.nl. Estate Hoenderdaell Pay a visit to the Hoenderdaell estate and discover a beautiful nature reserve on the edge of Kleine Sluis. The route leads you from the Lage Oude Veer to the Van Ewijcksvaart near Van Ewijcksluis. Along the way you will be greeted by colorful pheasants and the exuberant rowan. Pass by the floating crocodiles and let yourself be welcomed by the flamingos.

Animal State Hoenderdaell

welcomes you! Info on landgoedhoenderdaell.nl. Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee. The total of 44 aquariums of the Sea Aquarium can be roughly divided into 4 zones. This has to do with the habitat of the residents. The cold zone: This includes the aquariums with fish from the North Sea and the northern cold seas. The temperate zone: Here are the sea dwellers from the Mediterranean and Atlantic at home The tropical zone: The sea dwellers from these seas love warmer water and are found in tropical seas. Amazone area: This zone differs from the other zones because it is not really a sea, but a river area. The aquariums count thousands of residents divided into more than 230 species. We must think of different life forms: eg cuttlefish, lobsters, crabs, herrings, rays, sharks, piranhas, anemones, but also single-celled, plankton and krill that feed the other fish serve. Info: seaquarium.nl

Fort Kijkduin Den Helder

The most exciting fort in the Netherlands! You will find many different activities for kids of all ages. Old Dutch games, buks and archery, museum, aquarium and catering. Info on: fortkijkduin.nl

Van Blanckendaell Park Tuitjenhorn

Come to the unique Van Blanckendaell Park in Tuitjenhorn and discover how animals from all parts of the world live together socially. If you follow Arie de Ara you will learn everything about the 'Blanckendaellse beestenboel'. In addition to many animals, the park also houses a museum with historic agricultural tools, a playground, a cozy canteen and several terraces. Info: blanckendaellpark.nl

Speelpark de Batavier Alkmaar

Play park de Batavier is an atmospheric park where children can fully play, climb and romp themselves. No long queues for the attractions. Tired of playing? Then enjoy a drink on the sunny terrace or in the cozy restaurant. Also nice appetite is thought. To start out on a round of miniature golf afterwards. In short, the Batavier is a great place where young and old can enjoy together. Info: debateavier.nl

Children's play paradise Ballorig Heerhugowaard

Ballorig is an indoor play paradise for children from 0 to 12 years old. You can climb, climb, slide, jump, play in the ball pit and much, much more ... For the youngest children up to 4 years there is a separate play area. Info: ballorig.nl

Gnome path Schoorlse Duinen

Along the gnome path in the Schoorlse Duinen there are gnomes. They have all kinds of assignments for you. What you need to carry out these tasks is in the backpack that you get. And you also get a real gnome cap on the go. A nice treasure hunt through woods and dunes, where you can sing, feel, smell, search and much more! Info: staatsbosbheer.nl / schoorl

Fairy tale wonderland Enkhuizen

A real fairytale forest, gnome village, a castle, a time house and a petting zoo, a playground and ornamental garden and many attractions. You will find it in the fairytale wonderland in Enkhuizen. Info: sprookjeswonderland.nl


Since 2011, Egmond aan Zee has also had its own Bowling! In hotel Zuiderduin you will find 8 bowling lanes including spectacular light show and illuminated dance floor in the "Lucky Strike" Bowling. One of the most sensational bowling jobs in Europe! Bowling Heiloo is ideal for a bowling evening, but also for a family or children's party. You can enjoy here with family or friends while enjoying a snack and a drink. Info: bowlingheiloo.nl.

Midget Golf course de Merelhof Bergen

The oldest miniature golf course in the Netherlands is situated in the center of the Noordhollandse village of Bergen, about 150 meters from the Ruïnekerk. The Bergense baan is one of the last courses in the Netherlands where people play on clay. Not the coarse grain that is used on tennis courts, but a finer grain that gives a nice smooth and firm surface, on which the ball rolls smoothly. Info: midgetgolfbergen.nl. Egmond aan Zee also has a mini-golf at restaurant "Natuurlijk".


There are several cinemas in Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Bergen and Castricum. If desired, we will gladly inform you about the latest programs during your stay.

Tours and cruises

In the immediate vicinity of Egmond there are various possibilities for tours and cruises. For example, covered wagon tours or cruises can be booked in the Alkmaar canals. A tour on an authentic "flashe" Solex is also possible. If desired, we will gladly inform you during your stay.